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Safety  Comfort  Reliability



Eagle Air provides air charter services from our West African base, situated at Conakry International Airport, Guinea.


Our company philosophy is to ensure that every flight

with Eagle Air is a safe, friendly, comfortable and rewarding experience.


Our fleet offers excellent takeoff and landing capability, well matched for unprepared landing sites.

LET 410 UVP Master Cargo

Our cargo aircraft's large cabin door and unbeatable floor space allow us to take what others can't. 

Experience enhanced comfort and arrive in style with our executive fitted aircraft.

Stretching from Mauritania to Guinea, the waters off the coast of West Africa are one of the most diverse, economically important fishing zones in the world.


Decades of unsustainable fishing practices by large commercial vessels are depleting valuable local fisheries and affecting the lives of millions of people who depend on the sea.

Eagle Air is committed to working with West African governments to support the establishment of marine protected areas, providing industry leading hardware and software tools for maritime surveillance missions.



ever evolving

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Our flights are closely monitored with the latest satellite tracking technology. We always know where you are.


Protecting our investments protects you. Our fleet is hangared 365 days a year, kept free from environmental harm. 

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Our FAA Advanced Aviation Training Device keeps our pilots sharp even when they're on the ground. 



Rigid standard operating procedures and our continued investment in developing our maintenance facilities means we're serious about safety. Our Safety Management System ensures your safety will never be compromised.


Our flight crew members are regularly trained overseas and on site with our FAA approved Advanced Aviation Training Device. Professional training ensures that our crew is ready to handle any eventuality safely and appropriately.


Eagle Air has been providing charter services in West Africa for well over 10 years. Each flight is backed by our extensive experience and knowledge of operating in one of the worlds most challenging climates. You can feel safe flying with us.

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